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Autobiography Ghostwriter

Your kids, grandkids and great grandkids deserve to KNOW just Who You Are/Were.  Most people live too short of a life, accomplish many great things that few to no one knows about.  It's NOT Braggadocious us to talk about your life, your love(s), failures and successes so that others may learn and live wiser lives!

Let me help you and/or write your story so others may learn and enjoy your LIFE.  I did and you can read it below!  Published and available on Amazon!!
Let me assist you!  Your background is interesting, exciting, possibly dangerous and more.  Lets get it ALL (or most of it <grin>) down in the written word for others to enjoy and possibly learn from.  I can guarantee that this process will bring back tons of forgotten memories (good and not-so-good) for you to relive and experiences that you leaned from; so you may pass it on to future generations.  It is WHAT WE ARE MEANT TO DO!

I can just help, guide and edit your work or I can interview you and document your life.  Sort of like I did during my national & international auditing and consulting contracts; interview, document and report!

Since I am sort of 'retired' now, I am doing this because when I mentioned my own autobiography to other old-timers I saw a wishful glint pass over them like, "Wish I Could Do That!"  Well NOW YOU CAN!  I can help and it will NOT cost you a bloody fortune.  Not $90,000, not $45000 that those book factory sites charge, but much MUCH less.  How much less?  All depends on my time; time IS Money even in these times and how much it costs to interview you and how we do that is mostly up to you. While most writers charge $1.00/word, I have reduced your cost to $.35.  Pretty cheap but it can add up!

I just published a shorter booklet entitled "The Art of Healing" which is just under 6,000 words and something like that would come in under $3,500 for the writing and a bit for the cover and to publish and get the ISBN.

For instance, my own autobiography was 195 pages with 48,550 words. How many words will your's be?  Really difficult to tell.  Then we have the cover (gotta have a nice cover - my wife did mine!) to consider and publishing issues/time.  Probably will be published on Amazon and we can get your your own ISBN (International Standard Book Number is a numeric commercial book identifier) to forever identify your book to every library on the planet.

Another bonus, since we all hope you will long outlive your first autobiography, you can Add and Expand as the years go by.  So you are never really too young or too old to start!  I can offer free published updates for the first year (on Amazon publishings only).

So yes, it IS a lot of work but fun to do.  Since I just love talking to people and getting to know them, this is fun for me too!  So how much?  Probably less than $20,000 and probably much, Much less.  It could go as low as $5,000 if you get in early!  While I AM an experience author/writer, publisher and editor, this will be my first ghostwriting gig so I'm giving a huge discount to early shoppers.

So let's get a move on.  None of us know how much time we have left!!!!

Let's Schedule a ZOOM call to get to know each other and see if we can work together!

My Writing Background Includes Some of The Following:

I am currently a Freelance Writer but have extensive background in Information Technology and Consulting Services. I have combined my consulting, proposal writing and documentation skills with my experience in the field of Whole Foods for Health, Wellness & Longevity to offer my writing skills applied to a variety of subject areas.

I have contributed to several Health & Wellness Journals and sites for the past decade.  Most recently I published my autobiography.  I also have written a travel picture book that follows our first Road Trip of 43 days and over 10,000 miles across most of the Western USA. Before that I published my book about surviving cancer and co-authored two others with my wife.  I design, write content and maintain some 28 different web sites.

I am a well traveled business professional, having worked for companies across the USA and traveling to Europe and China.  Since 'retiring' I have traveled extensively across the USA on Road Trips and Hiked and seen over 100 National/State Parks.

I have devoted much of my time to research and learning about how Whole Foods contribute to overall Health, Wellness & Longevity.  As a Nutritional Holistic Cancer Survivor, I understand how lifestylediet changes can impact the progression/reversal of disease.  This background has provided me with an understanding how to write about a healthy and vital lifestyle to support the strenuous work demands of today's executive.

Citizenship:      United States of America
Education:        B. S. Business/Psychology    
                      University of Houston, Houston Texas

Certification:    CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor
                       CDP -  Certificate in Data Processing
                       USUI Method of Natural Healing
                       REIKI Level I & II